Tuesday, September 25, 2012

*Technical Difficulties* New Button! Please change old one ! *Technical Difficulties Please hold Off while i figure it out*

Update: Im having some trouble with my button, when i clicked on it , the button did not direct me to my page so while i try and figure that out i have removed my button, so if you are looking for it thats why. Sorry for inconvenience  :(

New Button & Blog Layout! So i thought it was time for a change! When i made my first button, and my blog i was so new to things and my button along with my blog were a little shabby.  I still have a lot to learn about the technical/graphic design stuff but here is the new look for now! I really love it, its perfect mix of girly, edgy and boho, i just love the background. If my followers (total of 3 haha) wouldnt mind adding this new button to their page that would be great (at my grab box) thankyou! :)

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