Friday, August 31, 2012

Esperanza Spalding

I am in LOVE with this song, and many more from this amazing singer. Her name is Esperanza spaliding and i discovered her from my cousin yesterday. Her voice is so so beautiful. I'm pretty sure she plays all the instruments in her songs, she plays multiple instruments including the bass and piano. Some of her albums are all instrumental but she sings in many of them as well and they are just beautiful. She is def not what you would hear on the radio but she needs to be! I think this song and Little fly are my absolute favorites. Its like effortless and the way she plays the piano is beautiful and her voice just flows. I just cant even find the words to describe, haha. She really is great tho. You guys should check her out! Has anyone found any new artisit lately? Comment below and tell me about em , or your favorite artist in genera or if you've ever heard of esperanzal! Im always looking for new music :)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Second Day of School OOTD!

Second Day of School OOTD!

Ombre Tank:Thrift Shorts: From home Bracelets : Mothers 
Earrings: Thrift. Shoes: F21 Bag: Thrift

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First day Of School Blog & OOTD!

 First Day Of School! OOTD & Thoughts

Jean Jacket:Thrift Shirt:Thrift Shorts: From home Gold & Teal + Green bracelet : Mothers 
Black bracelet & Earrings: Thrift. Shoes: F21 Bag: Thrift

Woah first day of Junior year! Its 12:14 right now and i should probably be going to bed but i just want to share my first day. So the beginning of my morning was exciting i felt good in my outfit and confident so that was a good start to the day. I have two AP classes History and English because i am no way math/science savvy. I've had both he teachers before so i knew what to expect already and i think i'll be fine,i just need to focus on organization and time management. I have an Algebra II class with a whole bunch of routy sophomores and juniors so that should be interesting, and i have about 4 classmates that I'm friendly with so that was a relief. Band of course has a pack load of freshman, a lot more then last year. Btw My school is really small and about 1/3 of the school is in band and chorus and with all these new freshmen the room is literally PACKED. Idk if i'll manage haha. We got 3 new guys in the percussion section, just me and my sophomore friend Bridget are the only girls again but this year should defiantly be interesting with everybody. I have a sucky computer class , not a lot of the classmates im super comfortable with are in there but i'll have to deal better than a dictators class. My very good friend Adriana isn't in any of my classes and we only see each other at lunch so that kinda stinks but we have our locker trips. I ended the day with Spanish literature, i thought this would be a horrible class but there were only 6 people in there and the teacher is super nice and friendly so that should be fun. All in all i had a pretty okay day, I'm excited for tomorrow and the rest of the school year and what is to come. Well i better get to bed. Talk to you guys tomorrow! :)

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