Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Long Overdue OOTD. Oversized Cardi

Cardigan: Thrift,  Shirt: Thrift, Jeans:Old Pair, shoes: Thrift 

Wow! its beeen foreverrrr! I can't beelive its been 2 weeks! I know I promised an ootd two weeks ago but i have really been busy with school and trying to get my driving stuff done. Today was my last driving time! Yay! haha, it went by super fast, like i literally can't beleive i can get my license soon and I'll be driving by myself! I wanted to be done with it and now im def gonna miss it, especially the owner of the school. She was legit the sweetest lady in the world, she wa so nice and caring :'(. But i really cant beleive its been two weeks, time is really flying! So thats whats been goin on with me, i wish I could have showed you guys my hair before i twisted it up. I had a twist out and did a half up half down thing, it looked great in the morning but as the day went on it turned into a puff ball and there was like no deifnition whatsoever, I was really hating it as the day went on haha. I put it in a pony tail type thing at the very end of the day. I added more gel to my twist this time so maybe they will hold, we'll have to see tomorrow! Again sorry for the quality guys, it is my webcam, and batteries cost money! Haha, i really wish I did have my camera though becuase i really love this outfit, and my webcam doesnt give justice to the detail of the cable knit cardigan. I just love it so much. Well thats it for now, I'll post again soon! 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sorry I've been gone! Wishlist # 2!

*google images*

Hey guys! I am so super tired right now but i wanted to make a post because it has been a really long time! I have been really busy with school and work but especially school. Junior year is no joke! Well fall is coming! (not really since the weather decides to be 54 in the morning and 70 in the afternoon) but its coming! I def have one thing i really want to wear/style! MAXI SKIRTS. My sister got this black velvet one from the thrift store and i just really want like a light pink/ peachy one that i could style with a black cropped sweater, legit i have the outfit planned in my head haha and i am going to make it an outfit! With my boots! I really love the boots i bought in my haul video, they are a little tight but its worth it lol. I have been getting compliments at school on my outfits and idk it just makes me feel good you know? Oh! and another thing i havent been able to go thrfiting in legit weeks! Like I've been saving all my money and spending it on drivers ed and driving times, like i cannot wait until im done and can get my license, cause driver education is so freaking expensive. Since i haven't been able to go thrifting i realized i can revamp my mothers/fathers clothes!  I was looking through my moms closet and found so much stuff i can make my own!, so that should hold me for a while lol i just know i am missing out on so many deals and cute sweaters,boots,skirts etc right now but a few more weeks until drivers ed is over! Well i think Im about to doze off for a few. I'll try my best to post an OOTD this week, until then talk to you soon guys! :)