Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Brrr! Its Getting Cold!

Ahh! Last night of 2013! In about two hours we'll be in a brand New Year which is absolutely crazy! Like I'll be graduating and starting college, not to mention turning 18!  Though 2013 wasn't the greatest year I'm blessed to have gone through it in good health and with my family. I must remain being positive throughout everything. I'm excited for a new year with new beginnings and adventures! 

So onto this earwarmer/headband. I am a crochet/knit fanatic especially these past couple of weeks I cant seem to put my needles down. I have still been in the beginner stage for like years now but now I am starting to experiment beyond scarves. I made this headband using a size H crochet hook and Patons Shetland Chunky yarn in Gold in case anyone wanted to know and its just simple single crochet. Chunky headbands and scarves are essential this year! Its  been getting so cold out and I am hopefully going Ice skating next weekend and figured I needed something to keep my ears warm in this super cold weather! I figure the color is perfect if i want to go with neutral dark colors and this will add a pop of color. I may post more of my projects or just outfits with the things I make, well until then I'll talk to you guys later! Happy New Year everyone, be safe and blessed <3

(P.S sorry I haven't fixed the pictures on my older posts working on it!)

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